Supply Chain for Competitive Advantage

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CROCS: REVOLUTIONIZING AN INDUSTRY’S SUPPLY CHAIN FOR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE BHOOSHAN PARIKH CBS FTMBA 2008-09 OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT TERM PAPER 3/16/2009 Case Study This paper analyses and discusses the supply chain process of Crocs Inc. in a competitive and dynamic footwear industry. The paper critically evaluates the existing supply chain of the company against its current performance and changing market conditions and explains reasons for loss of competitive advantage of the company. The paper ends with recommendations for a change of supply chain strategy by supporting the arguments with relevant theories and models and how Crocs Inc. can regain its competitive advantage. INTRODUCTION Crocs, Inc. was established in…show more content…
This paper has been structured to critically evaluate the footwear industry in generally and the supply chain of Crocs Inc. (Appendix A) in particular and provides insights into possible drawbacks and improvement areas in the strategy adopted by the organisation in the years leading up to its present position. In the latter half, the paper describes my views on how Crocs, Inc. can better their position in the footwear industry and become a more stable competitor to its major challenges in the environment. I have used a number of theories and models, both in analysing the system prevalent at Crocs, Inc. and in providing insights into how they can build up on their successes and create a more stable and extended future for the company. Of course, it cannot be claimed that this paper will provide a foolproof solution to the issues of today‟s footwear industry and Crocs Inc in particular, but it does portray a different perspective especially by providing arguments against vertical integration as a means to achieve competitive advantage. This paper contradicts the theoretically sound and widely accepted principle of vertical integration to achieve competitive advantage. The paper highlights the probable drawbacks and bottlenecks plaguing the supply chain of Crocs Inc. The paper begins with a brief overview the footwear industry based on Porter‟s Five Forces model (Porter,
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