Support A Teaching Paradigm Change By Working Collaboratively With Colleagues

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What I believe: Mission: To support a teaching paradigm change by working collaboratively with colleagues to develop authentic learning through integrating technology resources with student interest. Through implementing technology rich interest driven learning opportunities, growing students Digital Literacy competence. Concurrently advocating for building relationships with students while promoting moral and ethical results. In this approach we can generate measurable student growth. Learning Theory: Students are entitled to an authentic learning experience, where the teacher is encouraging them to identify their own understanding of a concept or problem and “create” their own solutions. They are also learning through experience, “learning by doing”, in addition to connecting their learning to previous knowledge, they are developing a deeper understanding. (Vygotsky) Building Relationships: As educators we want our students to show growth in our content areas, but we also have a direct effect on a student’s growth as a person, their self-esteem, and can help or hinder them. It’s about teaching students how to learn. A positive, welcoming environment is essential, and increases the students desire to be there. Teaching is also about creating those relationships, then learning can begin. (Reasoner) Moral Development: High School is one of the last steps before adulthood, and is one of the last “safe places” for young adults to learn the lessons they need to navigate
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