Surgical Menopause

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Menopause is a normal natural process that takes place 12 months post the last menstrual period. This indicates the ending of menstruation. It occurs between 40 and 50 years. Perimenopause is the period, which the body naturally switches to menopause. The level of estrogen decreases and it is characterized by increase in weight, hot flashes, changes in moods, vaginal dryness and sweating at night. However, not all women will experience this and the magnitude of the signs will differ (Blocker, 2016).
Surgical menopause happens when the ovaries are removed during surgery. This leads to the reduction of hormone levels resulting to hot flashes, shivers, fatigue and vaginal dryness (Weidman, 2010). Stress menopause is caused by high stress levels,
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Moreover, for a healthy heart, 8 ounces of fish is required per week. Reducing sodium intake is important because it reduces the occurrence of stroke, kidney damage and heart diseases.
Physical exercise is vital in middle aged and older adults since it assists in weight management, effects of illnesses is reduced, promotes good mood and is also good for the brain. Weight lifting, yoga, high impact chores like gardening, resistance training are a good choice of exercise. According to Centers for disease control and prevention 2015; 300 minutes per week of moderate impact activity such as brisk walking is required. Alternatively, 150 minutes weekly of high impact aerobic activity such as jogging or running is required. 2 days on activities that strengthen all muscle groups can be opted.
In conclusion, menopause is a natural process that can be managed. Well balanced nutrition can reduce the effects of the symptoms. Regulation of hormones can be assisted by herbal treatments, and regular exercise which also helps in maintaining weight. Stress reduction. Before embarking on exercise for middle aged and older adults, one has to consult his doctor for medical clearance, starting slow and sticking to a regular exercise
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