Surveys and Experiments

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Introduction Surveys and experiments can prove to be an extremely valuable tool that organizations can use to gain pertinent information. In order to effectively utilize these tools firms must pay careful attention to the design, methodology, and ethical issues of the experiment chosen. Among these issues are variables in conducting experiments with human subjects, design elements affecting the accuracy of the experiment, and questions of methodology. The information below addresses each of these concerns and describes how experiments can become a valuable tool for organizations to plan for the future. Question 9.4 – Ethical Problems in Conducting Experiments with Human Subjects After choosing the experimental design, the …show more content…

Additionally, it would be important to ensure that one person can take the survey once. If the website saw that the same IP address re-entered the site, the survey would not be presented. A random assignment of participants to take the survey would also reduce the amount of repeat surveys. The researcher should determine beforehand how many positive responses from the survey would indicate an effective advertisement. Now that the experiment has a design established, it needs participants and a reporting structure (Cooper & Schindler, 2014). In order to not affect the entire population entering the site, the experiment could use a random assignment of participants for each survey Question 10.5 - Choosing a Survey Method Choosing a survey method requires comparing data needs against the advantages and disadvantages of the methods available in each situation (Cooper & Schindler, 2014). Personal interviews, telephone surveys, and self-administered questionnaires all have positives and negatives in the amount, style, and timeliness of information provided. Therefore, in order to obtain the needed data, the advantages and disadvantages of each method should be considered, such as in the examples to follow. Residents’ Views on Living in a New Subdivision A telephone survey would be the best method of obtaining information from residents of a new subdivision

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