Susan Cain's Use of Carl Jung's Theories in The Power of Introverts in a Worl That Can't Stop Talking

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Susan Cain, in her book “The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking” explores introversion and extroversion and how introverts are powerful in their own way, using their unique way of working together and thinking skills/styles to influence the world around them, using many sources to back up her information and tell her story correctly. One source Cain uses is Carl G. Jung who studied types of behaviors and came up with introversion and extroversion.
Carl G. Jung studied all kinds of people in his line of work and noticed that there are not only individual differences in human psychology, there are also typical differences, and two that stand out are introversion and extroversion (Jung 3). Cain used Jung a few times, both …show more content…

To quote directly what Jung says about extroversion: “If a man thinks, feels, acts, and actually lives in a way that is directly correlated with the objective conditions and their demands, he is extroverted” (Juan 333). Looking at Cain’s quote and Jung’s as well, it is obvious they do not match exactly word for word. I think Cain might have used her own way with words to deconstruct Jung’s words to form into what she may want it to say, but not exactly what Jung means. It could be that Jung just used very intellectual language to write his book, and Cain just simplified the way she thought it would fit, or wrote what she thought it meant, at least to her. It appears that way to me, because by reading just a little bit of Jung’s book myself, I am confused because I do not understand the language he uses and sometimes in the context he uses it in because it is so scientific.
I think Cain used Jung as a source correctly, although the definition is too simple compared to Jung’s. If Jung actually wrote a definition that simply, I would have liked to find it, and for Cain to have used it, instead of quoting pages that have almost nothing to do with the subject that she is discussing at the moment. She might have just summarized it, but it doesn’t sound that way to me. Since I am not sure on why exactly Cain used that exact definition in her book instead of quoting directly, I

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