Susan Kare : A Creative Director Of A Computer Company Essay

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Susan Kare was born in Ithaca, New York in 1954. She graduated high school High School in 1971. Then received her art degree in 1975 from Mount Holyoke College, and her PhD from New York University in 1978. After college, she worked in an art museum in San Francisco. Working there for several years she reserved an email from a friend from high school asking her to come work at Apple Computer Inc. She ended up being the Creative Director in Apple for only 3 years. In those three years she created typefaces, the first Macintosh OS logo, and icons we all know. Some of the more recognizable icons she created are the trashcan, and the Mona Lisa face. She ended up leaving Apple in 1985 and becoming the creative director of a computer company called NeXT in 1986. Then soon after became an independent graphic designer. Designing things like Windows solitaire and Facebook gifts ended up bringing her lots of success and she was awarded the Chrysler Design Award in October 2001. She is currently the creative director for Chumby Industries, Inc. and co-founder for A collection of her work can be found at “”
If Susan was a part of an art movement it would be the Computer art movement. Computer art is any art that is created by or with the aid of a computer. One of the earliest works of this movement is ‘Oscillon 40’ made by Ben Laposky in 1952. He “used an oscilloscope to manipulate electronic waves that appeared on the small
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