Susan Wolf Meaning Of Life

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Being alive is very precious, which many people take for granted as it goes for that one quote “You’re alive but are you really living?”. Death is something that people fear and will always be inevitable. With that in mind, how would one know if they were alive unless they knew that they could die? Living forever is overrated, and life itself being a race against death. This is why we must create a meaningful life, actively engaging in something of value to us and ultimately succeeding, preventing death from taking anything away, and depriving us from further experiences. One big question that is always misinterpreted is the meaning of life. This is where Susan Wolf explains that one can make their life meaningful if they derive it to something worthy. Wolf makes it very clear where she stands by with the meaning in life and not the meaning of life as she gives life three different characteristics. The first is having an active engagement for everyday life. She expresses how one should actively engage in everyday courses, specifically something in value. One should not be willing to let everyday pass by, such as the “blob”. The Blob is a person who decides to sit, eat and watch TV all day and feels accomplished. This might not always be the case since some have active engagement, but not all is for the beneficial reasons as some engagements are wasted without any positive value. This is where Wolf brings up having a positive value to ensure the meaning in life. So next

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