Sustainability Of A Sustainable City

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Today I will be discussing about sustainability, about how my suburb is sustainable, what a sustainable city looks like, how my suburb is managed and personal changes. This is a perfect example of a sustainable city, a future sustainable city in Dubai. It is 100% solar-powered, has organic farms, uses recycled water and has a green amphitheatre.
A sustainable city should have renewable energy resources to sustain themselves. These are 5 types of renewable energy, hydroelectric, geothermal, solar, biomass and wind power. Burlington, Vermont is the first American city to become 100% reliant on renewable energy.
Sustainable transport is a must as it lessens the carbon footprint. Some types of transport that are sustainable are walking, riding a bike or using a car with eco fuel. The city of Curitiba is well known for its bus transport system.
Many sustainable cities should leave a small ecological footprint. These are the components to calculate an ecological footprint, the amount of crop land used to grow food for human consumption, carbon emissions, grazing land used for livestock, forest required for timber, how much land is used for houses and fishing grounds.
Green roofs have many environmental …show more content…

The Samford Ecological Research Facility is run by QUT. It is located in the Samford region. Their research is primarily focused on urban development and its impact on the ecosystem. Many people use solar power to provide energy for themselves. There are around 2000 solar power installations. The amount of solar power energy created is enough to power 2008 Australian homes. The old CSIRO building was built to do Tropical Pasture Research. It is being turned into an urban farm. Tank water is what makes Samford sustainable as well. Many people use these tanks to store water and to collect rain which will help stormwater

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