Sustainability : The Issue Of Sustainability

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Sustainability The issue of sustainability in today’s generation has developed as a result of a rapid and enormous population growth, growth in our world’s economy, and huge depletion of our natural resources. During the time of the Industrial Revolution our world population was around nine hundred million people. Since that time there has been an enormous growth in population, which in turn has placed a huge demand on our earth’s natural resources. By the year 2000 the earth’s population was six billion and about one hundred twenty percent of the resources were being depleted. The population is still growing tremendously. Growth in our world’s economy is a result of an increase in productivity to keep up with the living conditions of our over populated world. The combination of human growth and economic growth has led to a depletion of our natural resources. The by-products of the depletion has created air pollution, water pollution, and a change in our biosphere, which is the ecosystem that consists of our total earth and all its living organisms. This is the reason we are faced with global warming, which is an increase in the overall temperature in the atmosphere of our earth. This climate change is a result of all the activities from individuals, as well as businesses, releasing huge amounts of gas emissions into our atmosphere. Sustainability is an extremely important subject when we think about the environment that we live in. Sustainability is meeting the basic
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