Essay on Sutter Health Provides Non-Profit Health Care to California

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Sutter Health is a non-for-profit community based healthcare and hospital system based in Sacramento, CA. This system serves patients and their families in more than 100 Northern California cities and towns, Sutter Health doctors, hospitals and other health care service providers join resources and share expertise to advance health care quality and access. The organization takes its name from California pioneer John Sutter whose namesake fort was one of Sacramento’s original European settlements. In response to the influenza epidemic of 1918, community leaders constructed the first Sutter Hospital in the vicinity of the fort, replacing an old adobe house that had previously served as a makeshift hospital. Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento…show more content…
Within the first three months of the project, the company reduced the number of accounts receivable days for the nine hospitals in the region from 65 to 59. Each one of the A/R days equals $13 million, which in turn means that Sutter Health collected an additional $78 million (Souza& McCarty, 2007). Before beginning the project, Sutter Health identified several areas in which the project needed to focus. There are three identified problems that would result in the staff of Sutter Health being unable to workefficiently. First, the patient financial services Staff or PFS could not access real-time information on key financial and operational indicators such as A/R days and cash collections. To manage this problem they needed to be able to track progress or make important decisions, managers and staff had to wait until the end of the month to do so. Next issue that they acknowledged was the hospital’s accounting system did not allow managers to isolate and analyze select data or generate reports on demand to the level of detail required. Fixing this resulted in the region having to rely on specially trained programmers to develop the reports, which would be costly and cause delays in identifying and correcting the problems. The third problem identified was the central business office (CBO) staff also suffered from the lack of
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