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SUV and Crossover vehicles are starting to take over the US car market. 2016 is the year of the SUV and pickup truck. Each month the car sales share of the market slips a bit (NPR, 2016). This means that sales of your average car are starting to slip. If you pay attention while driving down the road you may notice this. I believe there are several reasons why this is starting to be the case. SUVs and Crossover vehicles sit higher than an average commuter or luxury car. They tend to have more space inside for passengers and cargo. They are starting to rival the fuel economy of cars. Four wheel drive is a feature available to all of them. Now before I get started I said SUVs and Crossovers. While these two types of vehicles are broadly …show more content…

This is especially true if a person has to commute long distances to work. A new study by finds tooling around in a small SUV is no longer that wasteful. The sales-weighted fuel economy average is only 2 miles per gallon apart (26.83 mpg SUV vs. 28.84 mpg sedan) SUV owners typically will pay only another $3 more tankful to fill up their SUV compared to a sedan. (USA Today, 2015). Granted those numbers are for a Crossover, However manufactures like Nissan and RAM Trucks are starting to place small diesel engines in half ton trucks in order to gain fuel economy without sacrificing payload capability. RAM is claiming to make up to 29 MPG with their small diesel (I was not able to find fuel economy numbers for the Nissan engine). So it is likely fair to assume that it is only a matter of time before traditional SUVs get engines of that type. Height is also an apparent factor in the purchase of these vehicles. People reportedly like the fact that they sit higher than an average car. It gives people the feeling that they have “command of the road”. As someone that drives a full size truck I can confirm that being able to see over the car(s) in front of you does give you a certain commanding feeling. Driving a low sitting sedan just feels like you are dragging your backside across the pavement. However I think there may be more to the height factor.
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