Sweatshop Evaluation Report : Analytical Report

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Sweatshop Evaluation Report Analytical Report Prepared for Amanda Wendelglass by James Pelaia, Project Manager Sanjit Kuppala, Consulting Engineer Malaka Peris, Consulting Engineer Tech Sports Oshawa Office 500 Simcoe St. North Oshawa ON L1H 7K4 (555) 967 1111 ext 9999 Executive Summary The main problem with many sporting goods stores these days is that many of them aren’t true to what they say about their company. The first step to having a good partnership with the clients is to be true to them about the company’s practices. A major factor in this is the company’s reputation. Being accused of having sweatshops can be enough to ruin a company’s reputation. This report outlines the dangers of using sweatshops to manufacture merchandise. It also covers options that be used as a replacement to using sweatshops. The Tech Sports team has visited Tech Sports’ factories abroad over the past month to determine what corrective actions should be taken to eliminate sweatshops. After connecting with the supervisors and the employees at the factories and inspecting the working conditions it was determined that corrective action is indeed required. During the latter part of the month, research was done to determine appropriate options to eliminate sweatshops. From the research done in Cambodia, it was confirmed that the work practices needed to be changed in order to ensure that employees are working under safer conditions. Proper work ethics are to be exercised

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