Swot Analysis: First in Show Pet Food Essay

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SWOT Analysis: First in Show Pet Food
J.P.S. 3/11/12 MKTG610 – Dr. Susan Glover Strengths * The product is of the highest quality in its class being 85% fresh meat and 15% highest-quality fortified cereal. * The product is unique in that it is a frozen dog food. * The product markets to a high paying customer. * The product has a very specific market who may be very receptive to the product * The product provides benefits directly associated with consumer (i.e. improved coat sheen) and has been used by dog show winners. * There is a current market trend showing improvements in dog food sales * The management of the company has experience in the marketing field as they were a producer with Show Circuit. * Low initial cost …show more content…

| Opportunities * The population purchasing high quality dog food has been expanding and as the population grows, pet ownership grows which will offer a broadening market. * The trial market in Boston will provide an opportunity to tailor the product to a larger market * There is a growing market of people presenting their dog to dog shows, which will provide the opportunity to broaden the number of potential buyers. * There are virtually no other competitors in the frozen dog food market so this will provide the opportunity to have a monopoly in command this market entirely. * Previous dog foods have been almost entirely dry or wet and this will provide the opportunity to introduce a brand-new market segment. | Threats * The current dog food market is quite large (which can be witnessed in any dog food aisle at your local grocery store) the competition consists of over 50 dog food manufacturers and 350 dog brands in the US * 5 existing and well-known companies control 75% of the current market share * Nestlé is an enormous company and is currently the leading advertiser and producer of dog food * Larger companies have the ability to advertise significantly more often and to a broader population. * Larger companies have the ability to undercut the price of this dog food significantly. * Federal approval of the meats may prove to be time-consuming and costly endeavor * Some distributors may be averse to placing

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