Swot Analysis For Tian Siang

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.7 Analysis of SWOT I learn so many things when I intern at company Tian Siang. It can develop my skills and knowledge that I learn in university to working situation. The Strength- Weakness-Opportunities-Threat (SWOT) analysis aims to identify the key internal and external factors seen as important to achieving an objective. SWOT analysis can helps organizations decide whether or not an objective is obtainable and enables organizations to set achievable goals and objectives.

1.7.1 Strength:
a) Excellent staff
Tian Siang (Auto) ManjungSdnBhdhas many excellent and knowledgeable staff for handling sales and service car. Saleperson at Tian Siang better know their brand of car and able to explain the value to the customers. Other than that, technician at Tian Siang able to diagnosed problem and defective parts and repair car in a very timely manner.Staff at Tian Siang have positive attitude. It is because they guide and teach me when I face any problem during my internship program at the company. Other than that, Ms Rachel award top service advisor in whole Malaysia. It is show that company have many effective and efficient staff.

b) Good reputation
Tian Siang Company offers high quality sales, service and spare part to the customers. Thus, it has many …show more content…

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