Swot Analysis In Hotel

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Technology Management

Assessment 2

Akash Gaur
Diploma in Business (Level 7)
 SWOT Analysis for Existing Business
• Innovative Technology: They have smart cards to secure customer’s rooms, online food order from Hotel App.

• Strategic Location: Situated in the heart of the Manukau city as all mainly tourist locations are near like Takapuna beach, Northshore, Mission bay beach, Waiheke Island and many more. WEAKNESSES:
• Complex ownership structure: As this hotel is a partnership firm so if in future will have dispute between partners, this can also be one the weaknesses.
• Communication gap between Management: There can be communication gap between top level management and lower level management and this can be one the main weaknesses of business.
• They don’t have Biometric device to calculate attendance automatically. OPPORTUNITIES:
• Increasing employment: They are increasing the employment in a country.
• Expansion into international market: They are also expanding hotel chains in international markets because hotel industry is very big industry. THREATS:
• Perfect Competition: As they are in an industry where there are many buyers and sellers with same product and services and this could be one of the main threats to their business.
• Terrorism: As we know terrorism is the main threats that world is facing right now and it can be threat to them also.
• Foreign competitors Entering local market: As it is perfect

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