Swot Analysis : Marketing Mix

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ABSTRACT: This paper contains an analysis from the marketing mix followed with a
Swot analysis of business Avon. It continues which has a market research conducted involving women in INDIA showcasing the attitudes, opinions and behaviour associated with women in INDIA for the acquisition and use associated with cosmetics product. The found paper analyzes the make-up market, the company Avon placement in INDIA 'S market, pinpointing the company’s main opposition, population segmentation. After analyzing data from survey shows that most women acquires cosmetic products from Avon company, the reps role being extremely significant. Most women buy products through the catalogue, 77% of them while using the products every day, often buying the personal care products.

KEY WORDS: marketing mix; personal sale; market research.

This paper is making the analysis of the marketing mix of the company which is active on the cosmetics market. I have realized the case study about the company Avon
Cosmetics Romania. I chose this company because it is one of the largest and well known cosmetics producers in the world, operating in direct sales system.
It is therefore, extremely important the role of the representatives, the way they act and persuade potential customers. Also the rapid growth and company’s image on the market impressed me and made me tackle this topic.
In this paper I want to determine the position of the company in the Brasov market, to show the influence of

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