Swot Analysis Of Delta Signa

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After 4 years of using the strategy maps and balance scorecard, there has been a significant change for Delta/Signal Corp to become a product innovation company in the luxury segment. This contributes to the change of Delta/Signal strength and weakness as described in Table 1. There have been also changing in the industry Delta/Signal in that offer different opportunities and treats as shown in the SWOT analysis in table 1 and porter 5 forces in table 3. As the external environment also seem as changing but there are some advantages that have been gain by Delta/Signal as the decision to focus on US luxury segment compare to go to China and India, a developing country. US after recent election seems as becoming more protective over its domestic company and imposed higher taxed on import product. Delta/Signal would see the increase of competitor price gives advantages for…show more content…
As a strategy to ensure a higher control of the marker, the supplier can sell the product to Delta/Signal at a lower price and sell at a higher price to the competitor. This would cause an increase of cost that would lead to increase of the price of the competitor. As the market price increase, Delta/Signal could increase its profit margin to make the product price align with the market price. Through the strength Delta/Signal acquire after 4 years, Delta/Signal can use this expertise to help improve its supplier. As Delta/Signal employee have been equipped with the skill of using the latest technology and Total Quality Management could be transferred to the supplier to ensure the supply are the best quality. An increase of the quality of the product would give opportunities for Delta/Signal to offer higher price product with a higher
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