Swot Analysis Of Ryanair Airlines

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Executive Summary This report will give the brief introduction on Ryanair an Airline company and Chaudhary Group which is dealing different products and services. We will be giving discussing about the strategic theories followed by Ryanair Airlines to achieve their goal and how it succeeded on it. On second topic we will be discussing about the business model innovation of Chaudhary group and how they are achieving their goal and doing further development with many more products and services. Ryanair Airlines Introduction Ryanair is a company set by the Ryan Family in 1985 with a share capital of £1 and 25 staff. They got permission from the regulatory authorities to compete with British Airways and Aer Lingus’s high fare duopoly on the route of Dublin and London in 1986. Through specialization in care operations cheap and smiling, with low cost as the most crucial factor, CEO Michael O'Leary has made it famous in Airlines zone, flying from eighty five airports and operating one hundred and twenty eight the ryanair.com Web site first inaugurated for conduct e-ticketing in January 2000, it hoped make profit up to 50% of all ticket sales. Though, that goal surpassed rapidly. Within a year it was making up to 72% profit. The success of the Web site is so good at earning profit that Ryanair has not done anything to get bigger in other selling channels, such as tele sales, agent sales or direct sales in the face of the rapid increase of business in current

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