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The aim of this report is to explain and analyse the role of Human Resource Management in the airline company Ryanair. To provide a background information of organisational structure, their vision, mission and strategic goals. Outline the key challenges and opportunities faced by their Human Resource Management.

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HR Strategy in Ryanair 6
Ryanair HR Planning 7
Managerial Judgement 7
Delphi Technique 8
HR Audit 8
Global Macro Environment (PEST) 9
Political/Legal 9
Economic 9
Technological 9
Socio- Cultural 9
The Competitive Environment 10
(Porter’s 5 Competitive Forces) 10
The threat of new entrants 10
The bargaining power of suppliers 10
The bargaining power of buyers 11
The threat of substitute services 11
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This was the beginning of a first fare war in Europe and the beginning of Ryanair’s growth (Ryanair, 2000).
Ryanair adopted their business structure and strategy from Southwest Airlines, the largest low-cost airlines in the World. Michael O’Leary, at the time just a tax advisor for Ryanair, was sent to United States to learn and study the business model of Southwest Airlines.
He was hired as a CEO in 1994. Company continued to develop low-cost model and gained their success (Creaton, 2014).
The company had their financial crisis during the years but managed to stay alive and fought their way to the top. Today Ryanair operates more than 1800 daily flights connecting over 200 destinations in 33 European countries. They have 87 bases across Europe and North Africa (Ryanair, 2000).
Ryanair is the cheapest airline company in Europe to date. The average flight prices from Dublin to UK starts from 9.99 euro and around 25 euro to destinations like Amsterdam or Copenhagen (Conghaile & Breathnach, 2017).

Ryanair’s Mission

According to (Ryanair, 2017) the company’s mission and strategic goal is to gain a competitive advantage over rival companies and firmly establish itself as a Europe’s biggest passenger airline company, by continued improvements and offering of its low fares service.
Ryanair’s strategy is based on how they differentiate themselves as a lowest cost airline company by implementing cost

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