Swot Analysis: SWOT Analysis And Strategic Management

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SWOT ANALYSIS The SWOT analysis is one of several strategic planning tools that are used by businesses and other organizations to ensure that there is a clear objective defined for the project or venture, and that all factors related to the effort, both positive and negative, are identified and addressed. In order to accomplish this task, the process involves four areas of consideration: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It should be noted that, when identifying and classifying relevant factors, the focus is not just on internal matters, but also external components that could impact the success of the project or programme. The acronym SWOT refers to the strengths and weaknesses of the service and the opportunities and threats which it faces. SWOT analysis can be applied to develop and extend the conclusions drawn from investigation of the external environment. It seeks to identify the opportunities and threats in the external environment and the strengths and weaknesses of existing resources and activities which might be used to take advantage of opportunities or avert threats. The analysis enables informed decisions to be…show more content…
Green labelling is one of environmental conservation instruments to identify the environmental performance of a product or service based on the consideration of environmental criteria and standards. In addition, the sustainable resources consist of water treatment, air pollution control, energy conservation and hydrogen and fuel cells. Through MyHIJAU Labelling, several action plans and activities are being planned to establish one coordination system for monitoring green labelling schemes in Malaysia. Among potential schemes under green labelling are SIRIM Eco Labelling Scheme, Malaysia Organic Scheme, Water Efficient Products Labelling Scheme and
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