Swot Analysis : Strategic Planning Essay

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The guiding force in business today is the ability to adapt to ever changing markets and circumstances while staying competitive. Strategic planning is where each company starts. Airgas is an American company that has just been purchased by the European company, Air Laquide. We are going to develop a strategic plan to grow their business over the next three years. Our strategic planning process will look into the following areas which include company history, products, competitors; we will look at the current situation of the market and use a SWOT analysis to determine areas of opportunities. Finally we will look at a few areas of the SWOT analysis and gain a better understanding of why they were chosen and understand why they are essential to the strategic plan. “Airgas’s was formed in 1982, by the brainchild of young attorney-turned-chairman Peter McCausland (Airgas, 2016).” McCausland was initially hired by a German industrial conglomerate, Messer Griesheim, to be their general counsel. While at Messer, Peter identified an opportunity for the company to acquire a US company CONNOX, as the German company was rapidly expanding in to the US market. The response from Messer was no more acquisitions for three years. Ultimately, McCausland left Messer to open his on law firm. Still he was adamant about that the acquisition of CONNOX. Peter, sought out financing and purchased CONNOX in February of 1982. This was the birth of Airgas. Since Airgas’s inception they have had
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