Sylvia Gregorio Case Srtudy

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Time Context June, 1984 I. View Point Joint efforts of Dr. Mariano Lacdao and the Human Resource Department Head II. Central Problem Job Dissatisfaction of Sylvia Gregorio Sylvia Gregorio is an Analyst at the Center for Energy Research and Development since March 1982. It is a division of the Philippine Energy Company tasked with the Research and Development activities on renewable energy resources. The division was divided into three departments: the Non Conventional Fuels Department (NFD), the Conventional Fuel Department (CFD), and the Program Management and Evaluation Department (PMED). Sylvia was assigned at the Solar Section of the NFD which conducts studies on solar thermal conversion systems, photo voltaic system…show more content…
V. Alternative Courses of Action I. The management will provide career growth opportunities for Sylvia Gregorio. Advantages 1. Sylvia can attend to various seminar and trainings which will help her to be satisfied, and excited in her job. 2. Sylvia’s continuous learning can help her in doing her job more effectively and efficiently. 3. Sylvia’s absenteeism will be minimized once she became satisfied with the kind of work she had. Disadvantages 1. Other employees might be insecure with what the company is giving Sylvia. They may also ask the management for other career growth opportunities like that of Sylvia. 2. Career growth opportunities that the company will offer may incur high cost. II. The company will conduct team building activities for its employees. Advantages 1. Employees will be bonded and cliques will be minimized. 2. Team work and coordination among employees will be established. 3. If the team building activity will have a positive result, superiors will earn higher respect from their subordinates. Disadvantages 1. Team building activities may incur high cost to the company. 2. Time for work will be sacrificed for the time spent in the said activity. III. The management will allow Sylvia and the rest of its qualified employees to have a flexible work time. Advantages 1. Absenteeism due to health issues and routine

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