Symbolic Way Of Interaction Analysis

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Another symbolic way of interaction that I have noticed is between Denise and Kathy. Denise is Kathy’s boss but their relationship is far more than just boss and employee. Denise usually comes to look for Kathy to ask her if she wants to take a walk. Kathy is always very joyous to go take a walk with Denise. For the longest time I didn’t know what they meant. I did some investigation and found out that they both go have a cigarette together. They do not like going to smoke alone, therefore they prefer each other’s company. Another form of interaction is between Antonio and me. We know nothing of each other therefore we try to bond in any way that we find. Antonio and I have very long conversations about complex topics. An example would be talking …show more content…

The reason for this is that my group is but a mere fragments of everything that makes up the whole school. Several of the members in my group are the pillars of the school. In other words the people who are making the school function are the superintendent, principal, coordinator of compliance and special needs, and the librarians. As though there are other members of the school such as the people who work in the district office and the school office, even the teachers; the people mentioned prior are the ones whom I interact with more often. The reason for this is that the skills I possess are of high demand between these people. If I do not do my job this affects the work flow for everyone …show more content…

Long states that “women form about one-third of the management workforce in Canada and the United States”. She mentions that one would think that all a woman needed was experience and an education to escalate to manager position but that is not the case (Long, 73). She also mentions that there are three different perspectives that a woman can take to enhance her job role positon. The first is that “personal power is belief” this means that the self is powerful without the intervention of anything else (Long 73). The second part is “interpersonal power” is viewed in a macro dyadic level. This means that one has the power to influence several people by the property of an individual or of the organization (Long 73). Lastly there is “organizational power” where the whole macro aspect is occupied. It simply means to be able to branch out and get things done (Long,

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