Symptoms And Treatment Of Depression Disorder

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Christine is a 47-year old married Caucasian female. She currently takes Lexapro, 50mg, and has been taking it for 8 years. She reports a diagnosis of major depressive disorder. She has twice attempted suicide, both times she was under the influence of alcohol and took pills (two handfuls of ibuprofen). She reports to you that she often thinks about “not wanting to be here [alive].” What questions would you ask her? What are things you would consider about her case? What would you report to her prescriber? As her counselor, what would you want to work on? Diagnosis (Questions you would ask to get a diagnosis): Being that depression disorder is the most common in almost every diagnosis I would consider re-evaluating Christine to better understand if it is this disorder or if she has believed it for so long that it has just clouded her mind about only having this disorder. Depression is intense feelings of sadness, feeling helpless, hopeless, and worthless, that can last for many days, even weeks, that keep you from functioning normally according to WebMD (Depression). Asking and restating how Christine feels would be something that I would talk to her about. Also something that I would try to focus on would be some of the happy aspects that have happened in her life, not just the bad ones, and to rather see if depression has really clogged her mind. Due to depression being the number one most leading disorder, the most questions are: “In the past two weeks, how often

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