Symptoms And Treatment Of Parkinson Disease

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Subjects older than 50 years, both men and women will be selected and enrolled at “Boston Medical Center, its affiliated hospitals-Massachusetts” and at “THE Queen’s Medical Center and its affiliated hospitals.- HAWAII”.Subjects will be recruited from the Suffolk and Honolulu County. The health departments of respective counties will be contacted; meetings will be arranged in seeking their advice to plan a community screening operation of Parkinson disease patients. Patients from tertiary hospitals as well as community hospitals will be enrolled. Participants who were diagnosed by community hospitals will be assessed and examined more carefully and detail by team members to make sure they received the right diagnosis.

Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria:

Inclusion Criteria:

• People aged older than 50 years, both men and women who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Justification: This age range will enable us to recruit study participants adequately for our outcome of interest. Parkinson disease with dementia is a disease associated with advanced aging. The study subjects above 50 years of age will enable us to enroll desired participants diagnosed with PD without dementia and allow us to observe them for a sufficient period until outcome with minimal loss to follow-up.23, 24

• All people diagnosed with Parkinson disease validated from tertiary care setting.

Justification: Since Parkinson disease is a clinical diagnosis and misdiagnosis…
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