Symptoms Of Major Depressive Disorder

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Within the textbook required in this course, there are many disorders that can be chosen from to write about. For this research paper, the disorder that was chosen was depression and then to make it narrower, the disorder that was chosen is major depressive disorder. This essay goes through the etiology, some symptoms of major depression, the treatment for when a diagnosis is made, and the cultural impact of major depressive disorder. There are many causes for depression and most of the causes work together to make an even bigger problem. In some places of work there are: “...high psychological demands, low job control (only in one review), and low social support predicted onset of MDE and depressive symptoms in prospective studies” (Rugulies et al., 2012). In a place of work, there should be people that make you feel good about yourself. Even if there are high psychological demands, then someone should get the social support that they need so that they can make sure that they do not become depressed. Low job control can help contribute to depression, because if a person were to feel as if they cannot take care of their duties in their job, then they have a higher chance of getting depression. “Brown & Harris have argued that a major cause for MDE is the 'inability to hold good thoughts about ourselves '” (Rugulies et al., 2012). There are people out in the world that will tell you when they are not feeling good about themselves and they say that they feel suicidal. This
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