Syrian Refugees Research Paper

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Recently, ISIS bombed and killed over a hundred people in Paris and other countries where Syrian refugees escaped to. President Obama has agreed to allow Syrian refugees into the United States and provide the refugees with homes and free food. Refugees whom we were just fighting against. There's something wrong with this picture. President Obama should not be allowing Syrian refugees into the United States because it increases the chance of having another terrorist attack and we should be giving our own citizens that are homeless what the government is willing to give non citizens.
Syrian refugees should not be allowed in the United States because our nation’s security should come before helping other countries. Allowing the refugees to enter
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Veterans who have served so we can maintain the freedom we have. Men and women that have put their lives on the line and took painful hits by bullets to protect the President and Americans. So why are Syrian refugees allowed in the United States and getting the help our own veterans should be getting? “Resettlement will cost millions of dollars on top of our already piling debt.”(odysseyonline). The government should use the money they are going to use on the refugees to help OUR own veterans who fought for OUR country to protect us. The government could help the homeless veterans get a job and back on their feet, whereas, the refugees would be jobless because they aren’t U.S citizens. It would be harder for the refugees to get back on their feet with their children and trying to get good paying job than a veteran who does not have his or her children on the street with them. Helping a Veteran would cost less than a refugee because it costs less to feed 1 person than 2 or more people obviously. The last thing our country needs is more unemployed people feeding off the government and taxpayers’…show more content…
however; you can’t tell if a person is harmless by just looking at them or in fact by looking at their background. You must know the person really well, kind of like a best friend or family member. How many murderers’ families thought their son or daughter was harmless and wouldn’t hurt a fly? Millions of families are shocked that their beloved one could kill or harm one. So, by doing a background check and having the refugees apply to come into the States, is a waste of time because that “perfect” family may seem harmless and oh so wonderful, when in reality you don’t really know much about them.
There is not only one solution to dealing with ISIS, but we could take one step at a time and not allow the Syrian Refugees to enter America because it increases the chance of America being attacked and we have our own citizens that need the kind of help the government is willing to give to the refugees. Our nation is like a home to us. We lock our doors at night not because we hate the people outside, but because we love the people inside. This should apply to our country-our
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