Diploma in Audio Production Level 3

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Diploma in Audio Production Level 3

The Soundcraft Vi4 is a state of the art professional live sound mixing console by Harman. The Vi4 is made up of multiple components that if used proficiently, can benefit any live sound reinforcement situation. With 48 mono inputs of concurrent mixing channels, which can be coupled to form stereo sound and direct outputs for each and every input, this is the ideal industry standard sound desk for live sound reinforcement by Soundcraft.

The Soundcraft unit consists of a local rack and a stage box, each with its own input and output quantity. There are 16 analogue line inputs and outputs not inclusive of the 3 adaptable analogue microphone/line inputs on the local rack itself. The digital inputs and outputs on the local rack supports 8 pairs (16 channels) of Audio Engineering Society/European Broadcasting Union (AES/EBU) inputs and outputs as well as 64 channel Multichannel Audio Digital Interface (MADI) in and out via optical SC connectors. Additionally, a talkback microphone input and line output can also be located on the local rack.

The Vi4 stage box houses 48 analogue microphone/line inputs and 24 analogue line outputs with remote gain control, phantom power (+48V), PAD and 80 Hz High Pass Filter (HPF) available only at the stage box inputs.

The entire Soundcraft Vi4 structure is linked together via standard fit, shielded Cat 5E Ethernet cables and is controlled by a control surface. The Soundcraft control surface is an

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