T-Hangers Case Study

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D) Follow-up items 1) T-Hangers/T-Bars Marvin Hewitt followed-up with the committee on the issue with the T-Hangers failing the Hi-Pot test. Marvin stated he meet with the manufacture and got their recommendation on how to test the t-hangers which aligns with how the regional tech services tests the t-hangers. Marvin will speak to Mofeid from Astoria to expedite the process to test and ship the units back to the regions. 2) Homac Storm-Safe Breakaway Service Connectors Ray Dominguez asked the committee if anyone had any experience or issues with the Homac Storm-Safe Breakaway Service connectors. No one had any issues with the connectors and one of the member sof the committee stated that the service groups and underground uses the connectors

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