Old Tyme Bracket And Hanger

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There are three jobs at the Old Tyme Bracket and Hanger factory that need to be redesigned for the company’s and employees benefit. These three jobs have been identified as being the worst jobs in the company due to the routine and monotonous characteristics of these job tasks. Even though these jobs are quite simple, there are a high amount of errors being made due to the high levels of boredom and the lack of responsibility associated with these tasks. According to Old Tyme the turnover rate for these positions is more than 100% per year. I have constructed some possible alternatives regarding the design of these jobs that would be beneficial to productivity and to the employees who currently work in these positions. The first job task that needs to be assessed is the cutting role. Currently, Alan is working in this position. Every day, Alan uses a medium-sized, electric drive shear to cut 14" x 16" metal brackets out of large steel sheets. As he cuts each bracket, he throws it into a large wooden box. Alan performs this operation approximately twice per minute all day. I personally consider this to be the most monotonous job out of three we will be discussing. My recommendations for this job would be to redesign this task through job rotation or job sharing. According to authors Nelson and Quick in ORGB, job rotation consists of “a variation of job enlargement in which workers are exposed to a variety of specialized jobs over time.” In other words, it would be

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