Tablets: A New Force Taking Over the Classroom

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Discovering what is the best possible way for students to learn is the constant topic professors and dean’s are discussing. How can my students better understand the material ,how can I make this course more interesting and what can I do to improve my teaching skills, these are just some of the questions professors ask themselves on a daily basis. The way of teaching with textbooks has always been the traditional method, but seems to never change. The lessons are the same and students are constantly hearing the same lectures time and time again. Discussions that are not appealing quickly lose the focus of students and therefore they are not receiving the information needed to pass the course. If tablets are introduced a wide range of applications can improve the interaction between the students and professors and increase productivity in the classroom. In a study done by the, students attending Abilene Christian University in Texas found they can digitally highlight material and make notes, and share these notes with others in the class, all through the use of a tablet. Many of the students noticed how this helps them absorb the material because the notes and feedback are given in real time, therefore reinforcing the lesson. Many parents are skeptical if these devices help their children understand the material more, they want to know how this will help them. Parents care so much about the well being of their children that they would do anything for them, and

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