Tacit Agenda Of A Literary Approach To The Bible

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Bible can be approached not only historically or generically but also literarily and this article, The Tacit Agenda of a Literary Approach to the Bible, focuses on Leithwort which is repeated word that helps to see Bible literarily. Buber and Rosenzweig think that Bible is more than just a Biblical text, but it is more beautiful and well-crafted literature and they also view the bible philosophically and looked for deeper meaning. Rosenzwig claims that author’s meaning could be interpreted differently to the readers as one word has multiple meanings. Also, there is word called Leithwort. Leithwort is the one of the way that Bible uses as a literature method of expressing the idea. Leithwort means repeating same rooted word and by saying same rooted word over and over again it holds a powerful meaning. Therefore, Burber says that it is important to understand and interpret properly Leithwort for readers so that they could…show more content…
Leithwort is very powerful tool that author could show authorial intent to the readers but how the text posses Leithwort is not clearly stated. Author uses Midrash, Jewish traditional reference, to find out the meaning in the Leithwort and hidden meaning. Midrash is the fundamental raw material that author uses to translate Bible and support their opinion. This article focuses on the Leithwort and says how important Leithwort is. As mentioned above, Leithwort is repeating same rooted word over again in the text and emphasize its importance of the repeated words and also convey author’s intent to the readers by using this method. However, in some culture, such as Korea, Leithwort would not be the way of showing author’s importance meaning or emphasizing what author wants to express to the readers. Even it is obviously repeating same words, it does not give special meaning in some cultures. Since the word is repeated people may think logically it could be
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