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TACO BELL – CASE Study 1) Did Taco Bell’s success result from a top down or bottom-up approach to change? What situations drove this change, and what leadership approach did John Martin use? What was the old (previous) leadership style and what was its limitation? • Taco Bell’s success resulted from a top down approach to change. Along with the new organizational structure came the job position of Market Manager. Management added this new position to send a strong signal that they wanted different behavior. They wanted people to be broader managers, good at managing P & L, to be decisive and to take ownership. The Market Managers had a lot of responsibility because management had pushed down a large deal of decision…show more content…
• Taco Bell changed the look of their facility. They gave the store a modernized look and added playgrounds and larger facilities. Expensive marketing campaigns were also used to bring customers into the restaurants. • In order to make the food faster, they cut back on a lot of time by having ingredients ready when they were needed. This would make the customers happier, and would bring in more sales. • To bring people into the restaurants, they added new items to the menu including Nachos, Nachos del Grande, Taco Salad, and Mexican Pizza, Double Beef Burrito Supreme, Seafood Salad and Soft-Shell Tacos. 4) Identify at least 5 key strategies mentioned in the case, which contributed to TB’s success using a framework of Structure, Technology, and People for your response. • Structure- • The structure of the company changed when TB eliminated several middle management layers within the organization. The District Manager position was eliminated. The position of Restaurant General Manager is similar to the District Manager but was now a coach as well as being a business leader. This position would allow the managers to be broader with their management. • The span of control for Market Managers changed while the major changes were happening. In 1990, it doubled from six to twelve restaurants for one Market

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