Taking a Look at Conflict Resolution

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To manage these conflict styles; avoidance, accommodation, aggression, and collaboration management styles are used. Roommates use these styles when dealing with conflict. The style they choose relates to how they will use text messaging in conflict and how they would like their face to be perceived by the individual involved in the conflict. When a roommate chooses avoidance they are pretending the conflict does not exist and will avoid any form of communication for fear of their face being perceived negatively. We see an explanation of this from Erving Goffman where he proposed an idea of facework as a social performance where we are all actors. He offered a cooperative principle where people agree to support each other’s performance or face. To not support each other’s face is to disrupt the entire scene, because no one can continue in performance when others are embarrassed or shamed (Cupach & Metts, 1994). Based on the conflict modes of Thomas and Kilmann, there are five styles of conflict management: avoiding, accommodating, collaborating, competing and compromising. Accommodation happens when a person attempts to satisfy the other person’s concerns at the expense of their own, Avoiding is where a person sidesteps the conflict without trying to satisfy either person’s concern, Compromising is when the person partially satisfies both people’s concerns, Collaborating is when a person tries to find a win-win solution that satisfies both people’s concerns, and Competing
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