Taking a Look at Mental Illnesses

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Mental illnesses are medical conditions that affect a person’s mental health. They are as serious as other disorders such as diabetes and should be treated as so. The amount of talk by those who aren’t well informed and often assume has created many misconceptions about mental illnesses. In order to successfully make those around people with mental illnesses to be aware of the harm these disorders cause a person these misconceptions need to be cleared. Mental illnesses need to be treated like the threat they indeed are like real illnesses.

Mental illnesses are conditions in which a person’s mental health is affected to a point that they aren’t able to cope with life’s expectations. An example is a common known disorder known as depression, when someone experiences depression they may feel like they no longer want to thrive and be happy in their life. This happens due to the amount of brain activity the disorder causes to diminish. According to www.nimh.nih.gov when a person has depression he or she may expirience being very tired, a loss of interest in activites once enjoyed, and thoughts or attemp of suicide. Depression is caused by a couple of factors are genes and brain chemistry which is irregular to normal people. Stress is a major factor that affects those with the mental illness because they are not able to cope with it like the majority of people. The fact is…
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