Taking a Look at New Institutionalism

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For the commonalities, they share the common features that all organizations exhibited. They were social structures that formed by people to support the collaborative pursuit of specified goals. Therefore, they share the common operational requirements like: they must define their objective or goals; induce individuals to contribute, control and coordinate these contributions; resources garnered from the environment and services dispensed or products; participant of the organization must be trained, selected and replaced and achieved sort of working accommodation with the neighbors (Scott 2003). These 3 types of organizational perspectives both had the basic characteristics of organization. The first one was social structure. It referred to the relationships among participants in an organization in patterned or regularized aspects. It consisted of three components: normative structure consisted of values, norms and role expectations; cultural-cognitive structure involved beliefs and understandings of individuals’ situation and interests which also provided a framework of schemas, models recipes for action; a factual order or a behavioral structure which focused on actual behavior (Berger and Luckmann 1967; Weick 1995; Davis 1949:). The second one was participants or the social actors. They were people that make contributions to the…

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