Taking a Look at Social Networking

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Laptops, tablets and cell phones are almost everyone’s best friends. There are thousands of people who wake up with the cell phone alerts, spend time with social network friends and sleep with the music on their tablets and laptops. In fact, in our society, there are nine months babies watching YouTube videos on their parents’ cell phone. Likewise, there are ten/twelve-year kids texting their friends dozens of times a day. Significantly, there are grown folks exercise networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. all day along. Ocala states that “The policy notes that three-quarters of kids aged 12-17 own cell phones; nearly all teens send text messages, and many younger kids have phones giving them online access.” Social network sites are adversely affecting the new generation by serving as an easily accessible platform to commit social crimes, by deteriorating their health both physically and psychologically, and by creating a generation isolated with their friends, families and neighborhoods.
Unknowingly the new generation is falling into the social networking sites as a podium for making social crimes. It’s sad, but honestly speaking- kids and youngsters are really obsessed to these sites. They wish for the virtual world than the real world. These days they have very little time for their family talks and peer group discussions. Likewise, when we go in-depth, we can see the youngsters trying to get to the negative side of the…

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