Taking a Look at Tracheobroncomalacia

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Imagine if you had to quit all physical activity, all sports, all hobbies. Imagine if you cough and cough but nothing can or will ever come out. Your sleeping is even affected when you cannot even lie down but have to prop yourself up on pillows. You then have to watch out for the different airborne diseases that can work their way into their body and can potentially be fatal. All those simple diseases such as strep throat, common colds, or any other respiratory illness that you use to breeze right through. Knowing everyday that this will affect you lifespan, shortening it. Imagine you had Tracheobronchomalacia. Tracheobronchomalacia is the collapse of the trachea and one or both of the bronchi. This occurs do to the softening of the cartilaginous rings. The collapse can be classified in many ways but the shape of the airway after they are affected can be classified as crescent, which is when one side of the bronchial tube is caved in which causes it to have a crescent shape, or concentric which is when all sides of the tubes collapse and it creates a circular hole in the middle in which air can pass through. When we are born, the cartilaginous rings that support our trachea and bronchial tubes are made up of hyaline cartilage. Over time these rings are supposed to go through the process of ossification and harden. When the cartilage does not harden and there is something that causes the rings to collapse onto the airway, it is classified as congenital or primary

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