Taking a Look at the Supernatural

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The supernatural. A general term used for an event or occurrence in our world that seem to lack any rational explanation or is beyond the understanding of science. For centuries people have been creating myths and legends in order to rationalize the occurrence of things that they did not understand. The supernatural includes a plethora of myths such as: religion, ghosts, reincarnation and even astrology. The supernatural to this day, has been used to fill in the "grey area" that exists, the area where science has been unable to provide a sufficient answer for. Questions like "Where did we come from," and "what happens to us after we die," are what many people answer with the supernatural until such a time when those questions can be logically explained and backed up by evidence. Why do people believe in the supernatural? Do they believe because of a need to explain and control the unknown in their lives or do people simply believe in the supernatural simply because they want to?

Body/Explanation and evidence:

When we think of the supernatural, often, the first thing that comes to mind is religion. For thousands of years civilizations have used gods and religions to explain the existence of the universe. The explanation for the existence of the universe, however, is not the only way that religion has been used in societies. In ancient time when the concept of governments and societal structure were non-existent, so a strong belief in religion was there to fill in
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