Tardiness: High School and Tardy Student

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TARDINESS OF STUDENTS A Term Paper Presented to: Madam Joeyconsly L. Valeroso English – IV Instructor Tandag National Science High School In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in English – IV Presented by: DINESE APPLE JANE C. ARANAL TIRZAH HOPE T. MALIZA BABY JENN L. MORADO Acknowledgement The researchers would like to take this chance to express their gratitude to each one of the researchers’ family members for their support and considerate valued prayers that made the researchers realize this academic endeavor. The researchers also thank them for their patience during the fresh weeks of long hours that they have spent in the final preparation of this term paper. Sincere gratitude goes to the…show more content…
The researchers came up with this study to answer this question. The researchers choose high school students to be the respondents for they can explain what makes them tired. 1 Statement of the Problem This research explores the relationship between school tardiness in high school students. School personnel, school boards, and parents who examine this data will have a better understanding of school tardiness, related school deviant behaviors. Here are the questions this study wants to answer: 1. Are you tired of going to school? 2. What are the reasons why you are tired of going to school? 3. What do you get for being tardy? 4. Does tardiness do any advantage to you? 5. What instances that you can tell that you are tired? 6. What is your feeling when you are tired? 7. Have you ever experienced being tardy to class? 8. Have you ever told your parents that you don’t want to go to school because you’re tired? 2 Significance of the Study The result of the study will give insights to benefit the following persons. Teachers - it will help them to discover what techniques in teaching for their student will not feel tardy during class. It will also enhance their especially ability in teaching and will give more healthy lifestyle. Students - they can express their feelings about being tardy. School - the school will be progressive if the students and teachers will work as one. Parents - it will help
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