Tax Incentives in South Africa to Increase Student Enrollment and Promote Economic Growth

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Imposing a tax on domestically produced luxury goods and imposing a higher tax on imported luxury goods will benefit our local producers since it will be to expensive to purchase an imported luxury good. This will support local producers and will increase economic growth. There will be in an increase in demand for locally produced luxury goods and this will create a larger market which will create jobs and decrease the unemployment rate. If we look at the car industry for example , the Automotive Production and Development Programme, which was implemented in 2013, aims to stimulate the expansion of local production to 1,2- million vehicles a year by 2020 while significantly increasing local content at the same time. (SAinfo reporter, incorporating material from the South African Yearbook 2012). Therefore if there is a higher increase in the tax on imported luxury goods it will help expand the market for locally produced luxury goods, promote job creation, economic growth and also help the Automotive Production and Development Programme reach their goal .

Cosatu has made an important point by stating that the improvement of quality public health and education depends on narrowing the nurse-patient and teacher-learner ratios respectively (Patrick Craven (National Spokesperson),Cosatu 2014). Many people are discouraged about taking up a career like teaching since it is not as well paid as a doctor or lawyer. The government should focus on developing, promoting, motivating,

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