Teacher Burnout And Its Effects On Students

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Teaching is one of the most visceral jobs most people will ever experience. It 's emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausting. Part of teachers getting so burned out is that they worry about how to reach every student, or how they are going to get every paper graded on time. The kind of constant, hammering conditions teachers have is not sustainable to keep up. In order to address it, we have to define what burnout looks like. Then we can attack it. The contributors to burnout include: exhaustion, anxiety, being overwhelmed, and student behavior (Goddard R. 857). It is so important to address teacher burnout because that is the number one reason why teachers quit. Most people need to understand that teacher are not in it for the money, for obvious reasons, but teachers do it because they are called to and because they love children and they love to make an impact on students lives. This issue is important, to teachers, parents, administrators, the community, and the children because without the teachers there isn’t anyone to teach, and then the children suffer as well as the parents, and administrators. Now with that said I want to address what goes into teacher burnout to address then prevent it. Teacher burnout emerged as an important concept in the 1970s, and it captured something very critical about people’s experience with teaching. It was first defined by Freudenberg in 1974, and it symbolizes feelings of failure and being worn, resulting from an overload of

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