Teacher Empowerment Is The Key For Economic Development Of A Country

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Teacher empowerment in digital era
“In any attempt to improve education, teachers are central.” Frymier (1987)
Education is the key to economic development of a country. National cohesion can be seen through education. Economic development and national cohesion can be brought about by the tripartite relationship between the ministry of Education, State institutes of Education and schools. While the ministry is responsible for policy development, the state institutes conducts research and provides in–service and pre–service training to the educators. The school has a bigger role to play in deciding the frequency of professional development opportunities for teachers. The teachers need to be equipped with the 21st century …show more content…

And education is the hope of humanity. The teacher is facing new pedagogical challenges in a globalized world.
According to Rappoport (1988), the word empowerment has attracted a number of definitions based on context used and this is in agreement with Page and Czuba (1999) who see empowerment having no clear definition as it is used across disciplines. However they report it as a multi-dimensional social process which helps people gain control over their own lives and society. It is social since it occurs in relation to others and it is a process since it is similar to a journey where people develop through it and where individuals gain and exercise power over their own practices and circumstances. When accomplished in the course of time, individuals gain the authority over something and are able to utilize the knowledge gained. Similarly it a transformative process which when well accomplished socio-cultural interactions are enhanced enabling individuals to attain personal and professional objectives. From the above empowerment can be said to be a process where an individual self-discovers his/her potential and limitations in an effort to search for better future. In the education sector educational empowerment can be said to be a process where school participants develop the competence to take charge of their own growth and from it are able to address or resolve their own problems by developing mechanism to do so. An

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