Teachers Leaders Inspire Positive Change

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Teachers are considered pillars of the society as they are charged with the responsibility of educating and shaping young minds into productive members of the society. According to Danielson (2006), teacher leaders are those who possess a specific set of skills that allow them to teach and also have an influence on students beyond the classroom.
Defining Teacher Leadership
Teacher leaders inspire positive change among students that allow them to be successful beyond the classroom and impact positively on the society. Teacher leaders are those who possess the skills and ability to influence students positively in a manner that impacts positively in the society which facilitates for positive growth. A teacher leader is also one who inspires personal initiative and promotes student self-sufficiency.
Creating a Lasting School Change
Teachers are central to the role of creating a lasting and sustainable school change that is aimed at preparing students to excel in the workplace and life. Teachers are important to this process it begins with a change in teacher leaders, which is then reflected in the rest of the school and the education system. For example, a positive change in a teacher leader will be likely to inspire positive change in students, and this is reflected back to the society as a lasting positive change (Sparks, 2005). In any countries, it is mandatory for students to attend school and the teachers are given the responsibility of shaping these

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