Teaching A Foreigner Language And An Training Of Teaching Strategies

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The aim of this essay is to reflect the experience of teaching a foreigner language and an analyzation of teaching strategies. The first part of the essay is an evaluation of the weaknesses and strengths of a Task-Based Learning (TBL). Second part of the essay is a self-reflection on my peer teaching lesson and how I could apply in practice the Presentation, Production, Practice (PPP) teaching strategy and how to improve my teaching skills.
Firstly, the positive parts of the TBL lesson, the Teacher (T) was leading the lesson by concentrating on the local needs of the Learners(L) (Tarone and Yule, 1990). To investigate the L’s knowledge, she used the life experience for learning the language (Tarone and Yule,1991:5). It was a well-chosen …show more content…

According to Scrivener all these are pending on the language level of the Ls because the activities should be more effective to use the language (Scrivener, 2010:58.). Ellis suggesting the lesson could improve with more concentration of leading process than by using fewer tasks. Furthermore, near to the end of the class the T could not balance the interaction between herself and the Ls and it led to a diverted situation which expanded the Teacher Talking Time (Stewick, 1980).
Following strategies, I learned during the observation that the best way is to shorten the controlled practice to use more talking tasks. During the preparation of the lesson, T need to keep the attention of the Ls, and give clear instructions, use tools such as pictures and the writing on board because they would lose motivations to do the task easily. Also, during the activity, the T’s role is to monitor how the L could work together in groups and individually. The most practical way of the seating is the horseshoe arrangement (Gower, Phillips, and Walters, 2014).
In order to identify our strengths and weaknesses of our teaching skills, each member of the class participated in a 10 minutes’ peer teaching lesson. My chosen language was Hungarian and the aim of the lesson was to learn the different pronunciation some letters which English does not include.
The main difficulties I had to face with were the planning the lesson and my anxiety. For me the greatest

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