Teaching And Student Oriented Programs

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Introduction As a prospective educator, it brings me great joy to participate in any student teaching or field experience scenarios. These settings provide unique and invaluable insight into the career of teaching by allowing me to gain practical knowledge and skills while also providing enough support and guidance to help answer any questions I have. Though I have spent many hours interning in classrooms and student-oriented programs both in high school and college, I am only eighteen, so the concept of being solely responsible for a group of students, their wellbeing, and their learning can sometimes still be intimidating. Therefore, field experience is the best way for me to come to terms with leading a classroom and interacting with…show more content…
They would also often say inappropriate or uncomfortable things to try and elicit a reaction from me or other tutors. All of this created new challenges for me that I had not faced before. Oasis: Connections to Educational Psychology I attended Oasis on Mondays from 2:30 to 5:30 PM. On any given day, we would begin by leading the students in reading a children’s book, then drawing and writing sentences, then completing their weekly homework, then alphabet or math practice, and finally free time. Sometimes the books would be the same four students, so they could each read one page and then pass to the next student. Sometimes there would be four different books and the students would get to each choose one to read. There homework always consisted of reading a passage and then answering comprehension questions about it. However, the students always started looking for ways to cut corners to complete the assignment as quickly as possible, trying to answer the questions with out reading the passage. Therefore, I always tried to get them to read the entire passage, but I struggled with this. Ideally, I was responsible for the two students on my side of the table and the other tutor was responsible for the two on her side, but in reality the other tutor and I
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