Teaching And Working Philosophies Shared Among Staff

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Recruitment is attracting and keeping highly qualified individuals to the school for possible employment. Recruitment and selection share a common goal of getting the right person for the job. In both phases key qualifications must be planned ahead as a tool for guiding the direction of recruitment and selection. Highly effective employees must be attracted with the potential to grow as a way or reducing turnover. After the candidate is hired they must be acquainted to the culture, scheduling and other factors that will assist them to gain congruence between the institutional objectives and employees needs. With this in mind a right match must be made with assignment. Talent and interest are the driving forces of assignment. Workload, too much to get done with little time. Low moral, when behavioral issues arise without much efforts to control it. Difference in teaching and working philosophies shared among staff. The implications of these problems is that turnover rate will increase and as a result it will cost the organization. With high turnover rates efforts to recruit and train staff will directly affect the work of the human resources administrator at the district level and building administrators. While majority of the problems are under the jurisdiction of the building administrators it is the shared responsibility of the human resources at the district level as programs must be in place to deal with these issues such as EAP ( employee assistance program and
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