Recruitment plan of bchydro

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Recruitment Plan of BC HYDRO

British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority (BC Hydro) is a provincial crown corporation that originates of energy, purchase, distribute and merchandise electricity including customer services. The beginning of BC hydro has been established since 1961. BC Hydro provides a service 95% for a population of British Columbia that is the third biggest electric utility in Canada. BC hydro is also provided a low price power for a population in British Columbia. This company is a significant for the government in BC because the firm has been serving electricity for residual customers but also to the province’s commercial and industrial sector (BC Hydro, 2014).
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Recruitment Process Recruitment refers to hiring a best qualified person for a job opening in a cost efficient and timely manner. This process comprises evaluating the job requirement, attracting the candidates, screening and short listing the qualified applicants, employing and incorporating them with new teams. Talent is the most important assert for any business. Talent Management, which includes recruitment, is a crucial part for any organization’s growth (Limor, 2013).
Work at BC Hydro is technical or specialized in nature, like constructing a dam or installing Smart Meters. Competent candidates from the local talent pool are taken – but when looking for very specific skills and familiarity the search should be extended to global talent markets.
Recruitment in BC hydro is managed by attracting a diverse candidate pool, advertising the openings in media and contacting the local consultancies that includes making the agency to know about BC Hydro job requirements, business, values etc.; and also clarifying the queries of agency analysts on recruitment details like skill expectations are for certain positions in
BC Hydro job postings.
A good relationship is maintained by BC hydro with many public associates. When opportunities are posted BC hydro actively communicates with the agencies. This helps organizations to help their clients prepare for the application process, who are familiar with
BC Hydro’s employment requirements.
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