Teaching Education : My Philosophy Of Education In My Classroom

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In the words Ivan Welton Fitzwater, “the future of the world is in my classroom today”. I cannot think of a more accurate nor humbling statement when it comes to teaching. As an educator, it is completely inevitable not to reach at least one student in your classroom. However, I believe that many do not realize how great of an impact our teachers make for our children daily. What many do not realize is that the teacher’s attitude about learning has a much more significant impression on now the child feels about it than anything else. I am a strong believer in doing what it takes to show a child the value and sheer enjoyment of learning. As a child growing up in the public-school system, I have witnessed encouraging and inspiring experiences with teachers as well as unpleasant. Now that I am older, seeing these same behavioral issues and patterns have really opened my eyes as to how much the teacher’s approach sets the tone for the upcoming lesson. The challenges I have faced not only as a student, but as a teacher and an assistant as well, have strongly impacted me as an individual and urged me to become a teacher. My encounters throughout school and while teaching dance has made me realize the unique ways in which teachers can encourage these kids and make them want to learn. So many do not realize that learning is much more than learning facts and memorizing them. Learning stems from a passion within. This passion is no lesson plan or instruction, you must find it. As for

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