Teaching Growth Analysis

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During the Spring semester of 2014, I was placed in a third grade classroom at Charles Elementary. The teacher of the third grade classroom was Mrs. Doe. The experience in the classroom was one of the biggest learning experience I have had thus far in the education program. The environment was very welcoming and the cooperating teacher cared about my success, which was very rewarding. Comparing myself as a teacher to the first few weeks in the classroom, to the last few weeks in the classroom, I would conclude that there was exceptional growth that occurred. I believe my classroom management skills is something I improved tremendously throughout this field experience. Reflecting on my first lesson taught in the classroom at Charles, I was constantly talking over the students trying to get them to settle down and listen. After the first lesson, when meeting with the CT, the first thing she told me, was to pick a management strategy and stick with it throughout the rest of the semester. She noticed I was having a hard time getting the students to calm down once they would too rowdy. To avoid situations that involved having to yell over the students, I decided to do the three clap method that Mrs. Vance used frequently to get the students attention. The teacher claps three times and the students repeat, after the students clap, their voices are off. I started to use this technique throughout the placement, not just on days that I taught lessons to get the
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